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Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:10 am

Bridged With AP. problem

Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:49 am

Hello People.. i hope u are doing fine.. i'm having a hard time with a Network.. lets see if someone now how to fix this issue..

i have 3 routers. let's name it R1, R2 and R3
a) R1 is a internet modem/router
b) R2 is a wireless router wich is set as Bridge with AP (see r2-1jpg and r2-2.jpg)
c) R3 is a wireless router which is set as Universal Repeater (see r3-1.jpg and r3-2.jpg)

so basically it is like this.. R2 is far away from the R1 so it is connected via Wireless. R3 is also the same, but it has a computer connected via RJ45. both should connect to R1 to receive internet, and that works well.. the problem is, i don't have any comunication VIA lan ( between computer connected in R2 and R3.. both has internet and works perfect.. but in order to access to hard drives i have to connect one of the computers to R1.. so between R1 and R2 lan comunication works great.. and between R1 and R3 also... any idea what could be happening?,,

i also tried setting both as bridge with AP... AND sometimes works.. but randomly stop working and doesn't work until i restart everything (IF work.. sometimes it doenst).. so i assume it is something related to configuration.. it is not related to SIGNAL.. i have internet downloadin at 20MBPS in both computers...

any ideas?!?!.. this is driving me crazy for a week now.. i cant sleep.. please help!!



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