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Wed Jun 05, 2013 2:52 pm

Pannaway BAS-ADSL48R password recovery help

Fri Jul 25, 2014 5:35 pm

I have two of these units that I need to be able to reset the Admin password back to their default of pannaway.
I have rebooted the unit into the Pannaway Boot prompt. See Output below.

Code: Select all
Press any key to stop auto-boot...
[Pannaway Boot]: ?

 ?                     - print this list
 @                     - boot (load and go)
 p                     - print boot params
 c                     - change boot params
 l                     - load boot file
 x                     - load, flash and go
 g adrs                - go to adrs
 d adrs[,n]            - display memory
 m adrs                - modify memory
 f adrs, nbytes, value - fill memory
 t adrs, adrs, nbytes  - copy memory
 e                     - print fatal exception
 n netif               - print network interface device address
 v                     - run verification tests
 $dev(0,procnum)host:/file h=# e=# b=# g=# u=usr [pw=passwd] f=#
                           tn=targetname s=script o=other
 Boot flags:
   0x0002 - load local system symbols
   0x0004 - don't autoboot
   0x0008 - quick autoboot (no countdown)
   0x0020 - disable login security
   0x0040 - use dhcp to get boot parameters
   0x0080 - use tftp to get boot image
   0x0100 - use proxy arp
   0x1000 - boot from flash

available boot devices:Enhanced Network Devices
[Pannaway Boot]:

I type in "c" so that I can change the boot params and change the flag to 0x1020 so that it will boot from flash and disable login security and then I type "@" to boot the unit. However after the unit boots up it still prompts me for login and password. Using the default login info of Admin/pannaway doesn't work either. If I just use the boot flag of 0x0020 the unit gives me "Error loading file: errno = 0x3c.", and kicks me back to the boot prompt after trying to load.

So any help on resetting the password on these units or just resetting them back to factory would be helpful.

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Re: Pannaway BAS-ADSL48R password recovery help

Fri Jul 25, 2014 6:25 pm

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