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Sun Apr 16, 2006 6:31 pm

WGA54G Game Adapter Help Needed URGENT!

Sun Apr 16, 2006 6:36 pm

I have a Linksys WRT54G router on my 'Host' Computer, no problems at all, and my compyter 'The Client' Using an Linksys - G Adapter and no problems with that. But i have a Linksys WGA54G Game adapter for my Xbox 360. I had alot of problems with the game adapter with the xbox online and now when i have got the xbox 360 i decided to take action and find out the cause.

I got my xbox 360 working for a couple of months with the online by going on the Game adapters config page (Default IP :, it turns out i was not connecting to my Wireless Network! So i set the default network as my network and everything was working fine no problems.

Now after not using my Xbox 360 online for a month or two it has completley messed up! The first time after the period of time not being on the xbox 360 i troubleshooted the Netwrok it went all fine and got through the whole troubleshooter, then i get an update saying i have to update so i confirm but it doesnt work? It says that im not connected. So i try the troubleshooter again and it can detect the Game adapter but it cannot connect to the Wireless network it says 'Can not Connect'.

Everytime it says that now, So i thought i would go on my Game adapters Config Page but it doesnt work on my client computer, so i try my host computer and i get to the sign in, i put in my Username and Password and i dont get any further than that. When i connect my Game adapter to my computer via Ethernet Cable, i view the properties onto the Details and the only setting i get is :

IP Address :
Subnet Mask:

These are my Game adapter settings above and cannot change them, also if i try running the setup disk all the time it says it cannot detect a WGA54G Game adapter even know i have it connected.

My Internet Router settings are -

IP Address :
Subnet Mask :
DNS Servers :

Also the 'Power' LED light is lighting up [COLOR="DarkOrange"]ORANGE[/COLOR] but its suppose to light up [COLOR="Lime"]GREEN[/COLOR]

I dont know what this means, maybe there is a fault with the Game adapter, but i have had alot of problems with my Game Adapter and spent around £200 - £300 for setting up the Linksys Network like the Internet Router, but mainly problems with the Game adapter and i do not wish to spend any more money, I have had alot of help from many Forums and I hope you guys can help me out.

Thanks for anything you can provide me with,
Tom Wells-Day

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Tue May 31, 2005 10:33 pm
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Wed Apr 26, 2006 6:51 am

I'm not to familiar with the xbox configurations, but I'll give it a go.

What are you getting an orange light on, the adapter connected to the xbox?

Any time you get an IP address that starts with 169.254.x.x with a subnet mask of something is wrong. This is called an IPIPA address (if you google "IPIPA" you can learn more about it). Normally how your xbox adapter gets an IP address is it sends a broadcast to your router telling it to assign the xbox adapter an IP address. For some reason your adapter is not making contact with your router (or vise versa). Because of this, the adapter itself assigns itself this IPIPA address, so there are no conflicts with another IP address on the network. You will NEVER communicate across a network with this type of IP address.

Two things I would check. One make sure that you are in range of your router. Two, make sure your router is set up to be a DHCP server (passes out IP addresses on your network). Report back and let us know if you figure anything out.


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