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Tue Mar 31, 2009 12:08 am

Problem mapping network drive

Tue Mar 31, 2009 1:52 am

Hi everyone,

I have a headscratcher. Background: I work in a research lab. It's a multi-OS environment. I'm new to the lab and I'm the only one with a shred of computer know-how, and apparently no one before me knew much about computers, networking, etc. We have lots of equipment with computers attached to them that generate a lot of data. A major problem has been the data winds up being stored on flash drives, CDs, and sometimes just left on the computer drives themselves. That is a disaster waiting to happen so I had the lab purchase a network file server. (I could have built one but I'm the only computer literate one so when I leave the lab there can't be a frankenlinuxbox left to manage, yeah?). We now have a QNAP 439 Pro with 1TB mirrored storage and a 1TB external drive to which it is backed up every other day.

Problem: So far all the computers have mapped the server (named Nucleus) no problem be it mac, PC w/XP or Vista, or linux...except for one. It's an old computer running windows 95. It's been a rock solid machine for about 15 years now (original build, drive, etc.). It runs a piece of heavily used equipment that would cost over $10K if we decided to modernize. Ergo, the win95 machine stays, since it ain't broke, we don't fix it. The win95 machine, named GelDoc, shares one folder where we store image files. All the PCs can map this drive fine, though none of the macs can. That's not the issue I'm asking about though maybe it's tangential. What I CAN'T do is map Nucleus to Geldoc using the map drive function. I can ping Nucleus from GelDoc and I can FTP from GelDoc to Nucleus but I can't see it in the Network Neighborhood (all the PCs, and Nucleus, are in the same workgroup). I've tried mapping using the IP of Nucleus and the name. I keep getting an error like this: "The following error occurred while trying to connect Z: to \\[IP]\nucleus. The network name is either incorrect, or on a network to which you do not have full access." It's gotta be something with win95. XP and Vista machines map it just fine. Can anyone help?!?!

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