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Thu Jul 28, 2016 1:30 pm

Call flow

Thu Jul 28, 2016 1:42 pm

Hi all! First time poster so bear with me please.

I'm working with a consultant to setup a cisco phone system in my business and it will include 12, 7961 ip phones and we will be converting from POTS lines to SIP.

I'd like the cisco system to be setup very similar to our current system, in terms of call flow. Right now, when a customer calls our main number, all 12 of our phones ring. 6 phones are located in Dept 1 and 6 phones are in Dept 2. If someone in Dept 1 picks up the initial call and needs to transfer it to Dept 2, they hit the transfer button labeled Dept 2 and the call then rings every phone in Dept 2 until someone picks up.

Our consultant is currently programming out system and has notified me that they will not be able to make the second hunt group for Dept 2 and Dept 1 because the buttons on the side of the phone will be taken up by all of the lines in the first hunt group and wont have any lines available for the second hunt group.

Can anyone help me with this type of setup or let me know if its even possible? I'm thinking there is another way to do it than using hunt groups.

Thanks in advance!


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